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  1. It appears to have been nearly six months since I last wrote on this blog page, mainly because I simply haven't had time.  I currently have more work on the bench than ever before which is great, but is occasionally causing some delays in dispatch as I try to juggle the bike work with the saddlery business.  Ebay has proved to be particularly popular, though it does impose some hard to keep deadlines!

    Leather Grips

    I have just added a shop section for those wishing to add leather grips to their Brompton.  I am offering an adjustment and re-covering service for Pashley leather grips, using the same leather that I use for my "Classic Colours" products.  I can either re-cover grips supplied by the customer or supply them myself.  The pashley grips are certainly not a budget option, but should look good combined with the other leather accessories.  Due to the design of the M-Type, the grips are cut down to 4 inches, so those with larger hands may need to check that they will be suitable.  On the S-type the grips are a more conventional length.

    Other Projects

    Aside from the grips, I have not been working on any new products recently as I have been settling in the current range.  I have added two new colour variations for the handles (racing Green & Brown, and Jaffa Orange & Black) and still intend to order in some red leather in the not too distant future.  It is also my intention over the next few months to try and build up a bit of stock to help improve the delivery times.  In addition to the current work I also have a couple of possible collaborations in the pipeline.  Nothing is set in stone yet, but hopefully there will be some exciting developments in the future.

  2. I was recently contacted by a buyer of the Bromton Leather Accessory Set who lives and blogs from Stockholm, Sweden.  He has kindly posted pictures of his Brompton with the accessories fitted on his blog which can be viewed here.  I'm rather pleased with how the honey leather works with the sage green, which is one of the colours that I am unable to match with the contemporary leathers.  Hopefully the leather will weather down with time to the slightly darker colour of the Brooks saddle.